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Real Chat with Kat is just what it sounds like: Real Talk! Real talk, real life, no BS. That is our promise. We are not scripted and prefer the real, authentic stuff. This platform is dedicated to offering real conversations that can help you in your business and personal life. We focus on how mindset and growth creates new habits in all areas, while discussing the real life scenarios of what it looks and feels like to be on top of your game or at the bottom. Kat’s passion for this podcast is to help give others the validation, understanding, and ideas to help make changes in both their personal and business world so they can give it their all in the way that works for each individual person. We want entrepreneurs to be able to collaborate, learn, and grow with one another. Learn, Grow, and Be Inspired

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3 days ago

Meet my spectacular guest Sophie Lechner! Sophie is a linkedIn coach focusing on helping women grow in their business with this amazing tool that is already at their finger tips. She aims to help release the overwhelm of using the social media platforms and leverage this amazing business strategy tool that is just waiting to be explored. We talked all about this amazing tool that I didn't even realize was so powerful. For those of us that have noticed facebook and instagram are just not our target audience or the connections just feel have got to check this episode out for some solid tips on utilizing this tool!!
Quote/Piece of Advice: Be Curious, Be Generous
Connect: On LinkedIn @SophieLechner
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7 days ago

Meet my awesome, intuitive guest Nancy OKeefe!!! Nancy OKeefe is a Certified Quantum Human Design Specialist and intuitive business coach, who helps women entrepreneurs peel back the layers of who they have been taught to be and how they have been conditioned to do business so they can build a business that feeds their soul. She is an author an a certified Executive Coach. This deep dive into human design is just amazing and play close attention as she uses some of my human design to explain how it can help in business! As a manifesting generator with an open asana (or crown) I get a ton of ideas but have come to realize they are not all for me. This is a juicy one!! 
Quote/Piece of Advice: The best freedom, the most rewarding freedom that exists is the freedom to be yourself. Give yourself that freedom.
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@KatPolsinelli or

Friday May 26, 2023

Meet my powerful guest, Vanessa Broers! A leadership coach and business oracle!! Her tag line is beautiful and simple: Have everything, compromise nothing, liberate your soul in the process. Oh what a beautiful message that is! Plus we chat all about using your power to align with your business and your purpose so you can grow into the version of you that is already here waiting for you. This was such a wonderful conversation, I can't wait for you to share your thoughts with us!
Quote/Piece of Advice: (quote by Franz Kafka) You do not need to leave your room. Remain sitting at your table and listen. Do not even listen simply wait….be quiet and still and solitary. The world will freely offer itself to you to be unmasked. It has no choice, it will role in ecstasy at your feet. 
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Or on LinkedIn @VanessaBroersCoaching
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Monday May 22, 2023

Meet my awesome guest Yvonne McCoy!! Yvonne McCoy is a Woman’s Business Strategist who helps woman entrepreneurs to accelerate profitable and sustainable growth. With new clarity about constant uncertainty, clients maximize their powerful genius and talents to step into their CEO mindset. She is passion about changing the challenges of entrepreneurial business into practical solutions, expanded opportunities and income. And we talk all about being productive from your perspective and how to pivot in those moments as well!
Quote/Piece of Advice: It doesn’t matter how many times you fall down, it's how many times you get up and how fast.
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Course Creation Breakdown

Friday May 19, 2023

Friday May 19, 2023

Meet my highly creative guest Nancy Giere!! Nancy Giere is a course creation expert.  She works with businesses of all sizes from solo-preneurs to Fortune 100 companies to turn their expertise into high profit courses.  She creates engaging, fun, and interactive programs that get results. And in this episode I ask all the questions to see when is the right time to create a course, to not, and when do you think about this.
Quote/Piece of Advice: If I wasn’t laughing I’d be crying. What we do is serious but we can’t take ourselves too seriously. When beginning on a project…always begin with the end in mind. What journey do you want to take people on?
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Bundle Your Brilliance - Book Link
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Monday May 15, 2023

Meet my wonderful guest Brigette Sobus!! She is the power, joy, and profits mentor. Her powerful breakthrough sessions clear the stops, allowing you to own your power and take control of your future. Her Power & Joy Coaching Academy trains coaches & consultants to achieve exponential growth for themselves and their clients. She certifies coaches in 4 NLP Certifications in her in-demand 7-Day Intensives. And in our episode we talk all about these amazing modalities that she teaches on. This one is soooo good!!
Quote/Piece of advice: (By Wayne Dwyer) "If you change the way you look at things, the way you look at things change."
Connect: or on LinkedIn @BrigetteSobus
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Friday May 12, 2023

Meet my amazing guest Dea Irby!!! A connector, communicator, and cultivator. She is also a realtor and speaker and a mom of 8 grown children! This lady is full of knowledge and so much love and compassion. Through many adventures over the decades, Dea Irby has learned that building community is the most valuable aspect of leadership. She is on a mission to share her message of belonging.
Quote/Piece of advice: In the sea of humanity, belonging is a shore or security, love, and identity. People are out there drowning, give them a shore.” BONUS Quote: “You are made for greatness. Go give the world your greatness.”
Connect: or on social media @DeaIrby
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Monday May 08, 2023

Meet my awesomely amazing guest Raja Vaidya!! Coach Raja is a Triple Talent - Science for the Mind, Karate for the Body, and Music for the Soul. Over the past 4 years he has provided Live 1on1 and group coaching on Mindset, Speaking, Confidence, and Peak Performance that has helped thousands. This man has worn so many hats I can't even name them all but from cancer researcher to 6th degree Master blackbelt to coach and speaker, you know this conversation was kicked in high gear!!
Quote from Raja: (by Jim Rohn) Don’t wish that your obstacles were easier, wish that you were better because when you focus on that you no longer have any obstacles.
Bonus quote: (by Steve Martin) BE so good they can’t ignore you.
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Friday May 05, 2023

Meet my sweetheart of a guest Tami Jaffe!! Tami is a success coach, energy shifter and international speaker on topics of making better decisions and business growth. She helps guide her clients through the sometimes overwhelming prospect of starting a new business.Tami has made it her mission to liberate independent success-minded professionals from the shackles of a corporate career so they can start, grow and scale their own business and not only replace their corporate income but exceed it. This conversation was on fire!!!
Quote from Tami: When you put something out that is authentic and truly you, it doesn’t have to be perfect it just needs to be you.
Connect: LinkedIn and IG @TamiJJaffe
Her Free gift is on her website:
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Monday May 01, 2023

Meet our wonderful guest Donna Fairhurst! Donna is an inspirational Life/Soul Coach, 3 x Best Selling Author, Reiki Master, Psychic Medium & Empath , Aura & Chakra Intuitive, and multi-level Holistic Practitioner. Her motto is: Challenge refines you or defines you! Surviving & thriving a journey through near blindness, polio, divorce, bankruptcy, and multiple “YOYO TO GOD” near-death experiences, empowers Donna Fairhurst to live and teach Zero to Clarity Principles. You may need to listen to this episode a few times!! Such an inspiration.
Quote from Donna: Watch how you use the phrase “I AM” for your guide squad is listening...if you have negative thoughts use “I am feeling” instead…If you do nothing else with your language eliminate the word BUT…..if you can’t say something use grace and if you can’t use grace…get the hell out of there!
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Who is Kat, and who is this podcast for? 

Kat a.k.a. Katherine Polsinelli is a mom of 2 boys with an extensive background in customer service, management, and medical administration. She is an entrepreneur, real estate agent, podcaster, and founder of Agent Services Plus. 

Her mission in business and for this podcast is helping others grow and expand in their lives. With a focus on helping others overcome all the noise and focus on what they really want to work on, Kat uses her own life experiences to help others move in a direction that is more fulfilling to them as an individual. 

This podcast is focused on having real conversations that will provide not only information on how to grow as an entrepreneur but help with the direction of how you should grow your business. There are so many niches and ways to run a business and opening up your mind to how others are running their business, whether they are in your genre or not can really help you define how you can work to grow yours. 

Kat's other Big Focus is mindset. This not only can make or break a business but it can affect how you work in your personal life and the relationships that we are all a part of. So if you are looking to grow, learn, and be inspired by others please take a listen and be sure to like, share, and subscribe! Help us help others grow.

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